hmmmm…what would you like to know??

I’m always running around in NE Indiana / NW Ohio

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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

This quote describes precisely why I delight in doing this job. I feel that what I do is a magical thing…in a way, I get to freeze time…

A little about me…I’m a very outgoing person and may or may not fall into the class clown category…ok…I’m really a kid trapped inside an adult’s body. I press my face against windows. I play in the ball pit. My favorite cereal is Fruity Pebbles. I snort when I laugh. I would say that I am an artsy-fartsy type, but my drawing skills are limited to stick people. I love to sing…I’ve got mad karaoke skills. I am also addicted to ellipses…obviously.


But above all, I’m emotional…I feel EVERYTHING.


photo credit: Danielle Luc Photography

I feel so deeply. I’m sensitive. I absorb the emotions of those around me, good and bad. I am an emotionally driven individual.

I think this is what sets me apart from the photography pack…when I shoot, I feel things right along with you. I look through the lens with my heart.

In losing my mother to cancer last year, I KNOW first hand how priceless photos can be…from weddings to families to kiddos. I never take for granted that you trust me to “freeze time” for you, and I am always in awe when I walk into a home filled with my work. You and your loved ones deserve it, and it would be my honor to help provide you with that.

Remember, every day is a gift…

s91-finalphoto credit: Emily Tesnow Photography

every day.

live every day.

talk to God every day.

tell the marvelous people in your life that you love them every day.

kick butt and make memories every day.